Brooke Bryand Photography: Family

Fall Mini 2018 - Sutro Baths


Sutro Baths at Land's End

They're finally here! I'm so excited to rock our 2018 Fall Mini-Sessions. I'm listing info below to help you have the most successful photo shoot! 

Cost: $750 via check, $700 via cash - due on the day of your session

What's Included: 20 minute session + 10 high-res images + 8x10 print

Dates: October 24: Afternoon (4p-6p)

Where to Meet: We will meet at the entrance to Sutro Baths. Once you park in the lot, you'll see the entrance has two options: go down a gigantic set of stairs (no) or walk down a trail. Wait for me at the trail - you'll know you're in the right place because it is a semi-circle shape. You'll also see the Lookout Cafe which is a great spot to use the bathroom before our shoot. NOTE: you can't see ME from the Lookout Cafe, so meet me at the semi-circle area and we'll along the trail from there. 

Parking: There is a large complimentary parking lot at Sutro Baths. Get there a little early it can be crowded, but there is a generous amount of parking.




What to Expect: These 20 minute sessions always fly by, yet we manage to get all we need to rock your holiday card! Here are tips to make it go as smooth as possible:

  • Bring as little as possible. We are going to move, move, move, so the less stuff you bring along, the more nimble we can be. Of course bring necessities, but if kids know they have a bowl of Cheerios awaiting them, they may want to just eat Cheerios for 20 minutes.

  • Speaking of Try, try, try to feed your kiddos before the session. Again, we don't want to waste our shooting time feeding / snacking them, so if you can manage that ahead of time all the better.

  • Rewards: I am ALL FOR giving kids a reward after the session. The caveat is, depending on their age, they sometimes don't get the concept of "later" and they then beg for the jelly beans during the session which results in photos of your kids with colored jelly bean drool creepin' out of their mouth. :) The best rewards are those promised directly after the session (sticker, ice cream, special activity, etc).

  • Look at me! For the 20 minutes we are together, let me do the parenting / leading. A major part of my job as your photographer is simply engaging with your kids. I will direct you as needed, but if I am jumping up and down like a wild woman, it is likely to maintain your child's attention which means I will be ready to "click" the second I get that attention and I wouldn't want you looking down at them when we finally get that magical moment!

  • Be on time: I will say it again - Be. On. Time. I absolutely understand how stressful it is to get an entire family out of the house, dressed, happy, fed, etc. If you think it will take you 20 minutes to get to your location, please allow at least 30 minutes so you can have a few minutes to relax before the session and not be stressed about parking or needing a couple more minutes to fix a child's hair. Out of respect for the sessions before and after yours, I do not go beyond the allocated timeframe.

  • Deep breaths & trust! This may be the most difficult one for parents. We all want our kids to be on their best behavior for family photos. I do a tricky balancing act of getting your kids riled up so I can get their genuine smiles and laughs to then bringing them back to calm so they can stay still enough for me to snap the photo. Expect them to be wild at times. Expect them to not cooperate all 20 minutes. And also expect that I have been doing this for a looooong time and although the kids may not nail every single set-up, trust that I have a dozen more ideas in my back pockets to change the scenery and try another version.

Finally, THANK YOU for choosing ME to capture your family photos year after year! It is an honor and a pleasure. I can't wait to see each and every one of you!