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Another Canvas!

** ADDED JAN/2012: NOTE TO PINTEREST PEEPS: **Thank you so much for your continued interest! Just want to make sure you see my Etsy shop where you view options of canvas vs. high-res JPEG for a few different canvas options: - THANK YOU! --------------------------------------------- I decided to try out the canvas concept on my own little guy (Cal) and I loooove the result! What I also love is the thought of doing this as a B/W...I think that is even more dramatic yet subtle at the same time.

This particular canvas is 20"x20". The center photo is 9"x9" and the smaller squares are 2"x2" each.

Ready to have your own? We can use a full session of photos and combine them into one canvas to commemorate the year! Contact me or check out the website for details:

If you would like me to design the file and then you create the canvas yourself through your own canvas provider, the cost is $250. You'd send me your 49 images, indicate which one should be the center image, and I'll do the rest! I'll send you back a high-res JPEG that is print-ready for your canvas provider.

{ update for December 2011: my Etsy shop has full details and MORE canvases!: }

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