Brooke Bryand Photography: Family


Ummm, I'm on Pinterest! And now Etsy too!

I made a photo collage canvas for my nephew Riggs and then for my son Cal about a year ago. I did a blog post about the final product and created them thinking they'd be perfect for clients, especially to put together a "1st year collage" of all their shoots with me. Brooke Bryand Photography | Photo Collage Canvas

Then the "Cal Canvas" got PINNED on Pinterest (check it out on the link) and WOW. Aside from having crazy web-traffic, I've had countless inquiries into the sale of either a canvas or the digital file for the canvas. I would love to share this design with more people, so (thanks to my bestie giving me a nudge) I created an Etsy shop where people can view various canvas options and send me their photos so I can design a canvas just for them.

Brooke Bryand Photography | 1st Year Photo Collage Canvas

I'm adding more collages...I just did two this week. Here is one of them for my niece, Ella. We did a "cake smash session" for her First Birthday and it was AWESOME!!!

Brooke Bryand Photography | Custom Collage Photo Canvas | Baby's 1st Year Cake Smash

And here is a "baby parts" canvas I did for a client...look at those little fingers and toes - I love it!

Brooke Bryand Photography | 10x10 Square Custom Canvas Photo Collage | Baby's 1st Year Body Parts

Check out the Etsy shop for full details! Brooke Bryand Photography | Canvas Photo Collage Storyboard | Etsy Shop