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Bebe au Lait {Corporate Photo Shoot} San Francisco Photographer


Virtually every mama (and many mamas-to-be) have heard of Hooter Hiders and their parent company, Bebe au Lait. What you may not know is that they are a Bay Area company! I was introduced to Bebe au Lait when I did a maternity shoot for their Creative Director last fall. We hit it off and he then reached out to see if I’d like to shoot a campaign they had coming out for Summer 2012 (ummm, YES, please!). I will have a blog post next month with a reveal of those shots, but for now I wanted to share some “behind-the-scenes” images from our shoot. As many of you know, I travel solo for 95% of my shoots. I don’t roll with an assistant, much less an entourage. It’s only for corporate shoots or model gigs that I bring extra peeps to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. For the Bebe au Lait shoot, I would have been a hot mess if I didn’t have the styling expertise of Erin Brennan (of Brennan Brand Strategy) and Chloe Jackman (of Chloe Jackman Photography). We had a very ambitious shooting schedule in two locations (Union Square and the terrace of the Cheesecake Factory) and Erin made she we got all the images from our shot list while keeping a tight eye on the clock before our models turned to pumpkins. Chloe, as a fellow photographer, worked her magic as my lighting guru and general sounding board for ideas throughout the shoot. We also had the magic wands of make-up artists from Shear Fashion Salon to make sure every hair and stitch of make-up was in place for each shot (and in windy Union Square, let me say they did not get a moment of rest!). We also had two wonderful models, 1 Bebe baby named Bob, and several members from the Bebe au Lait team to utilize as wardrobe stylists, set designers and so much more!

Although I can’t share our final images until they hit the public at the beginning of June (don’t worry – I’ll let you know as soon as they are “live” in the public!), I can share some fun action shots to let you in behind the scenes of a corporate lifestyle shoot with Brooke Bryand Photography!

Bebe au Lait-Hooter Hider-Brooke Bryand Photography-San Francisco Photographer

Bebe au Lait-Hooter Hider-Brooke Bryand Photography-San Francisco Photographer

Bebe au Lait-Brooke Bryand Photography-San Francisco Photographer