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Pinterest + Photograph&Frame {Behind the Scenes} San Francisco Family Photographer

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If you follow me on Facebook (and if you don't, you can start today!), you know I love-obsess-adore all things Pinterest. It inspires me to be has made me a COOK for the first time in 34 years (okay, I'm not quite chef-material, but I can now put a meal for my family on the table that sometimes doesn't involve a frozen item or take-out...this is huge). And now my fave San Francisco framing store, photograph & frame, has created entire display "kits" for you to DIY photos from our most recent session onto your wall. We all need a little help sometimes. Some of us can make a mean banana bread...others can put together flowers like they are straight out of Martha Stewart...and then there are some of us who love the creative process, but have a really hard time finding the time/energy/enthusiasm to translate an idea into results. Enter photograph & frame. I bring all of my framing needs to them because they just get it. Which is exactly what these kits are for - you just have to select and print your favorite 8 images from a session or from an entire year of sessions, bring them to photograph & frame and they can either put them in the frames (plus add the backing) for you or you can take the ready-made kits home and have a gallery wall up by the time your munchkins are up from their naps. They have a variety of kits to choose from and they are displaying one of my "all-star" 1st Year families in their set of eight vertical frames that each fit an 8x10 photo.

Special thanks to 7x7xMommy and family for agreeing to be "models" for the display! This is a glimpse of their 1st Year Package that we did together...maternity + newborn + 6-months + 1 year!

Brooke Bryand Photography | San Francisco Family Photographer | Pinterest Framing Kit

"The James Family" eight photo Pinterest display

Brooke Bryand Photography | San Francisco Family Photographer | Pinterest Framing Kit

View of the entire store - you can see "my" Pinterest display on the far left