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San Francisco Newborn Photographer | Brooke Bryand PhotographySomething that has always weighed heavy on me for my business is the fact that I capture images for a family, then they only get to keep some images unless they upgrade for the full digital package. It wasn't that I wanted to be stingy, it was that I could not figure out a way that I could price packages to include the digital files and a print credit, while still staying in business. As a parent, I understood the desire to keep all of the images. It is really, really hard to see an image of your child and not have possession of that image. It is a tease, really. Clients would invest with me, and they knew of course what was included in their package, but what they didn't know was exactly what we'd capture at the session. They didn't know that Little Johnny would be so adorable or they didn't know the feeling they would get when they actually saw (gasp!) themselves in the image..and like it! There was a part of me that always felt like I was holding images ransom, but I simply did not know how to give the images and stay in business.

The other part that is important to me is clients having images printed. Yes, tangible prints or canvases that they can see when they walk in their front door or arrive to their office. I include print credits because, in this digital age, printing has gone by the wayside. Clients invest with me and then have nothing to show for it but some digital files that are collecting virtual dust on their hard drive, which I feel is a disservice to my clients. We all have intentions of creating something that displays memories of our family...whether it be a baby album or a wall collage...but the print credit ensures that I have delivered an actual tangible product to my clients.

And hit me. I had an aha moment that I hope allows all of us to be happier, more satisfied individuals. I have created simple, easy-to-understand packages that include ALL of the edited digital files PLUS a significant print credit. I have heard prospects and clients ask over and over for the digital files and I am finally able to give them to you in one, all-inclusive simple price. I am THRILLED to not have to make clients choose...and I am THRILLED that they can now enjoy each and every image from their gallery, whether it be on their AppleTV or on a huge canvas or sharing with friends on Facebook.

I feel a big sense of relief in coming to this new conclusion! I hope you enjoy now having ALL edited images from your session...I look forward to capturing each and every one.

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