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Quick Edit in Lightroom {Screencast | Behind the Scenes} San Francisco Baby Photographer


I posted a before-and-after this week on Facebook and a few people showed an interest in understanding a bit more of what I do in Lightroom (LR) to edit images. San Francisco Family Photographer | Behind the Scenes Lightroom Editing

Big caveat: I work in LR the way it works for me / my workflow. This is not to say that this is the best way for's simply what I do to edit images.

I use LR exclusively and if something needs more extensive retouching, I outsource it to

Here is the before/after: Brooke Bryand Photography-behind the scenes-before-after-lightroom editBrooke Bryand Photography-behind the scenes-before-after-lightroom edit

And here is the screencast:

06.20.2013 - Color Edit in LR {Screencast} from Brooke Bryand on Vimeo.