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The Rule of Thirds {Screencast | Behind the Scenes} San Francisco Baby Photographer

Just as in the previous screencast, here is a brief video on the Rule of Thirds and how I use it when editing photos in Lightroom. This is only an intro...the rule with the Rule of Thirds (or any photography composition standard for that matter) is the old adage: You've got to learn the rules in order to break the rules. Every single image I take is not off-center...some (several!) are centered (though they are almost always along the top horizontal line if they are centered)...but the way I create an interesting story throughout a shoot is by composing in different ways as the "story" unfolds.

To try this yourself, you can either envision the lines as you're taking photos, or you can turn grid lines on with either your iPhone or your digital camera.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment or a question below. Enjoy!