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Halloween Photo Session {Behind the Scenes} San Francisco Child Photographer


Wondering what to do to capture your little one in their Halloween costume? I have a few tips for you, either as a DIY or to grab a group of friends to hire a photographer and capture the moments for you. 1) Great light: Find a spot with indirect light falling onto your subject. You don't want the child to have to squint into the sun, nor do you want the sun behind them (where you'll have to learn all about backlight and other semi-advanced techniques!).

2) Festive backdrop: I went to Trader Joe's and picked up about 10 pumpkins for this session (cost: $30). I then utilized a few of my baskets for the kiddos who couldn't yet sit up, as well as an off-white blanket to use for some little tummy-time shots. My motto is always simple, simple, simple...the adorable kiddos should be the focus and your backdrop simply an accessory!

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3) Patience: No need to "spray'n'pray" with your images. If you have your playgroup over, I suggest encouraging the other parents/kiddos to wait "on deck" for their turn so that the child that is being photographed isn't completely distracted by everyone else in the space. Then it is up to you to grab their attention with your silly sounds, songs, etc. and then - CLICK!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!