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Quick Newborn Edit in Lightroom {Screencast | Behind the Scenes}


Many people ask how I get a baby's skin so smooth and also how I remove the blemishes from baby acne. There are people out there who have entire occupations doing just this, so I am by no means an expert. I am a photographer first, an editor second (or possibly third or fourth...point being, I try to leave certain aspects of my business to the pro's and this is one of them!). However, I do typically edit my own newborn shoots and wanted to show a brief video on how I edit just one image. I use Adobe Lightroom as my software and I shoot in RAW. Now every novice photographer does not need to invest in fancy (yet awesome) is great, but it is not magic. Invest first in your skills, then your gear, then your post-production (i.e. software).

Let me know if you have questions - I am happy to answer!