Brooke Bryand Photography: Family


Milo - 9 months | Family Photographer in San Francisco


I'm pretty convinced that 9 months is a magic age. Sweet chunky babies, full of wonder but not quite able to run away from you...yet :) They always have a smile ready and are easily entertained by anything -- just give them a leaf and you've got at least 15 minutes of fun! SF-family_photographer_0059

Baby Milo (and his sidekick Stella) are no exception. He is a bundle of squeezable cuteness and that smile is sure to break some hearts. His parents invited me along to play at Golden Gate Park and we had a blast! There are a lot of perks to being a family photographer in San Francisco, but one of the biggest has got to be locations! We are so blessed. The light was gorgeous and the setting is always the perfect backdrop to let little ones do what they do best -- play! I hope they will look back on the photo memories that we made that day with full hearts and big smiles, I know I will!

SF-family_photographer_0058 SF-family_photographer_0057