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Baby Levi {Newborn} 1:1 Mentoring Session


The wonderful Sarah Swangler has been with me since August 2014. She graduated college last year and has been taking photography courses while also assisting me in various aspects of the studio. She comes to shoots to watch me in action and now in 2015 we are starting a once/month mentoring session where we do a sample session of a different topic each month. Last month was headshots and this month was part one of a newborn series (because, even though everyone thinks newborns are the easiest since they "just lay there", they are actually the most difficult and detail-oriented shoots I do!). This month, we focused solely on wrapping. We spent an hour wrapping the adorable Baby Levi (4 days new!). To give some context, he was a dream and we STILL only got through two wrapping examples within one hour. I'm telling you, newborn photography is intense! Sarah did a great job and I shot along with Sarah. Here are a few of the results.

Thank you, Matt and Allyson, for entrusting us with your new adorable addition!

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