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Because You Matter Contest: 2015 Winners List!

Wow. Mamas, you amaze me!!!

When we started this idea of creating a contest where Mom's get in front of the camera rather then behind, I wondered if we would have 10 or 12 people that would participate with an entry. Moms, you are my toughest customers because you (we) are our worst critics.

And daaaaaang did you impress me!!!

From sharing toddler meltdowns, to snuggle time, to Mommy Wine Time, and many moments in-between, I felt so PROUD of every single entry.

Since announcing the winners, several mamas have asked about opening up the Itty Bitty to anyone for the typical Itty Bitty fee ($250). YES - I hear you, mamas! We have created a sign-up page for everyone to join us:

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We had 100 mamas participate in the #becauseyoumatter contest. ONE HUNDRED!!! And we had over 250 entries to the contest. Of those, we had several mamas who submitted a photo every single day. Some won the random drawing and some did not. As a special recognition, I am including those mamas in our list of winners too (so we'll have a total of 17 winners rather than 10!).

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2015 Winner's List

  • Nicole Carrillo
  • Christa Deeringer
  • Lisa Faulkner
  • Heidi Gonzalez
  • Jennifer Graham Ekman
  • Lindsay Gruhl
  • Theresa Kelly
  • Kristine Lee
  • Suzanne Leibowitz
  • Lynne McBurney
  • Rhea Miller
  • Yuri Pettengill
  • Cristina Serafyn
  • Kristin Sanborn Todd
  • Margot Yeager
  • Sandra Yu
  • Emily Zalewski
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