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Hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show {BBP Events}


If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and especially if you're a female, it's likely you've heard of the mega-popular Stella & Dot Jewelry Line. Their format is that Stylists (such as the amazing Deirdre), help host Trunk Shows at people's homes or - in my case - studios. Hostesses (people like me) receive jewelry credit based on the amount of sales that occur at the Trunk Show.* We integrated complimentary headshots this year for anyone who could arrive before the sun set. I LOVED being able to pamper my fellow mamas, even if only for a few minutes, to make them get the royal rock star treatment they deserve. Future blog post coming with some of their headshots!

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As much as I abhor the anxiety I feel prior to hosting an event (oh...I didn't mention that? Uh, yeah...cold sweats, nerves, the works), I absolutely love having a room full of people that I love and care for in one space. And just as my space. So often my encounters with both friends and clients is sporadic as we chase our kids or as I snap from behind my camera. It's rare that I get to actually just hang out and not be in charge of anything other than keeping their wine glasses full (my Southern Mama taught me well!) and that part is such a pleasure.

So let's raise a glass to celebrating getting person...with friends and loved ones. You can expect more events at the studio ( card night, anyone???) and - as always - thank you for supporting me do what I love!

* I also love supporting a great cause (this year was Holy Family Day Home in San Francisco), where I will donate the full amount of "hostess gifts" to their organization. For example, if I earn $500 Stella & Dot Dollars from our Trunk Show, I will still need to spend those $500 through jewelry at Stella & Dot, but I will write a check to Holy Family for the amount of the hostess credits. It's a slight work-around, but at the end of the day gets the same job done to get money to a good cause. Sharing this "how-to" in case others are interested in doing it the same way!