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Stella & Dot Party {Headshots}


Before the Stella & Dot Party began, I offered complimentary headshots for anyone who could arrive between 6:00-6:30pm (which is when the sun is setting this time of year here). I am so happy that five mamas took me up on my offer because it brought me so much more joy than I could have anticipated. I have known these mamas for a few years and several of them have dedicated the last 6+ years to being SAHM (stay at home mamas). As a SAHM, they don't "need" headshots. As one mama jokingly said, "for what? My Mommy calling card??" and yet...I persisted.  There are three reasons I wanted to take their headshots: 

1) For the future. As the kids get older, you just never know when you'll be ready to jump back into the work force. And when I say "work force" that of course has a variety of meanings...including the heavy volunteer schedules these women run! Every charity board wants a headshot...every school organization wants a headshot...not to mention they should keep their LinkedIn profile updated!

2) For their kids. I have one painting (yes...painting!) of my mom when she was in her early twenties. She is standing alone by a tree looking into the distance. Yes, it's posed in a way that is completely outdated today but I treasure that piece because it's the only one I have ever seen that is a proper portrait of my mom! It gave me a glance of who she was in 1961...what clothes she wore, her hairstyle, and how she carried herself. How many of us can say we have the same for our children (and no, I'm not talking about FB selfies!)?

3) Because they're worth it. I texted a sneak to one of the mamas with the comment, "[your hubby] is one lucky are H-O-T!". I think it's SO IMPORTANT to have the reminder not only of how beautiful we all are, but to also feel pampered and worth it

This all ties back to my "Because You Matter" campaign earlier this year. Mamas, you (we) are my heroes. The job is mostly thankless for the first 30 years. THIRTY...YEARS. At least that is how long it took me to realize and appreciate my own mama (actually a bit was when I had Cal that I finally "got it" of what she did for me!)

Thank you, mamas...for allowing me to document your beauty.

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San Francisco Headshots | Stella & Dot Headshots | Brooke Bryand Photography | Lifestyle Headshot Photographer