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Coast to Coast, Y'all! Moving to Raleigh

Brooke Bryand Photography | Raleigh, NC Family Photographer | Moving Announcement As of May 29th, we are moving!

Per my newsletter, I will be flying back quarterly starting with September for Fall Mini-Sessions, but there is no doubt the bi-coastal business will be different once we move.

I want to start off by thanking you for inviting me to be a part of your families over the last seven years. It has been an honor to document each and every one of your children -- whether from the time they were in your bellies or their first week of life or when they took their first steps -- I am overwhelmed with how you've welcomed me to be there for all of your family's big moments.

truthbomb_784_findtribeAs I look back at my own big moments in the last 9 years of living in SF, I am grateful for each and every tribe that has brought me to where I am today. From our original MSH (aka "Making $hit Happen") Crew pre-kids who pushed me to start this very business -- to my first mom's group who held my hand (and my tears) as I navigated breastfeeding, sleep training and so much more -- to my JCC preschool mamas who supported my transition into being a working mama and all that entails -- I. am. grateful.

There are many reasons for this move, but most of all it is about family.

I've never understood why anyone would need anything more than what this great city has to offer. And now, 9 years later, I realize it's not that I'm seeking more, I'm seeking different. I'm seeking a life for my kids where we slow down. Where they spend their summer days lounging at the pool and their nights catching fireflies. I'm seeking the privilege of helping my parents grow through their sunset years with grace, and being there for them when they need me without having to book a flight to do so. And finally, I'm seeking the joy of knowing my niece and nephew...not "Ella-likes-chocolate" knowing, but really knowing her in ways I can't yet imagine.

And please -- come visit anytime. We may even have a guest bedroom to offer (that isn't an air mattress on Cal's floor).

Sending much, much love to you, SF. brooke_signature_765px

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