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Bay Area Wine Company {Product Photography}


Nope, it isn't some fancy gazillion dollar bottle of vino. What it is, is genius. My almost-birthday-twin, Amy Morgan's genius, specifically. Here is my struggle: I go to Safeway and buy some mixture of $17-$20 reds that I know nothing about other than their price and their pretty labels. I come home and try them, having absolutely no idea what I'm doing. And then along comes Amy and Bay Area Wine Company to the rescue. I requested two cases of red blends for everyday-ish drinking (and a half case of rose...I mean Off the Grid IS starting up again soon!!). I am now fully stocked for the month with delicious wine that has been personally vetted by her and I know I will love. Thank you, Amy, for saving me from myself. She was PUMPED about sending me a specific bottle called Paydirt and she was right - I LOVE IT.

Yes, she ships. And yes, she can hit ANY price point.

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