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That Time I had 36hrs in London {with no kids}

Yeah, you know...that time? You don't remember? Oh - that's because my mind was still blown that I was shooting in London!. Earlier this week, I had a two day shoot for SiriusDecisions, which has previously invited me to shoot in San Francisco, San Diego, Nashville and soon-to-be Austin. At the end of the shoot, I tacked on an extra day to enjoy London with my hubby. A dear friend recommended Dukes Bar for their insane classic martini and it did not disappoint.

A little back story is that Dave and I love a good martini. We have attempted more vodka and gin tastings than we can count with the goal of perfecting the martini. And then there was Dukes.

They start with frozen martini glasses. And frozen vodka. Then there is the absolutely beautiful cart they present in front of you. And the rest is, well...the picture tells the story. Prepare for your mouth to water:

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